Hey, I'm Russell.

I make songs, books, and jokes.


About Me

Born in Houston and raised in small-town East Texas, I've lived in the Austin area for over a decade. After learning to play guitar from friends as a teenager and plinking around on the piano, I went to Stephen F. Austin State University to major, uselessly, in Computer Information Systems and Radio/TV...Read more

When and Where I Play

I play piano bar shows every week:

  • The Tap in College Station on Wednesday
  • The Green Door in Temple on Friday. 

My drummers are Joe and Danny. I do acoustic shows as well and you should check my calendar here to find out where I'm playing.

UPDATE: I have a new single, you should listen to it.

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The Chorus Effect

This is my very first novel. You should read it because it's amazing. 

Until recently, Chintz had been a relatively normal guy with a relatively normal cat. For example, neither he, nor his cat, had ever journeyed to a synthetic parallel universe. He had never encountered a teleporting baby or an emotionally mature computer. He could count on one hand the number of philosophical discussions he'd had with people holding multiple degrees in advanced physics. And thus far, his relationship with the voices in his head had been purely platonic.

Suddenly, Chintz finds himself working alongside a dysfunctional team of scientists and their astonishing creations, seeking answers to age-old questions - answers that could change our concept of humanity...