Who's on the drums? Good question.



Danny grew up in a musical family with various instruments around the house. He soon became interested in songwriting, by the time he was 13 he was singing and recording himself on every kind of tape machine he could get his hands on.

He played gigs throughout high school and as soon as he graduated, he hit the road playing keys with Atlanta band, Pusher. After two years of “Rock-n-Roll 101” with Pusher and recording a demo with then new producer and engineer, Butch Walker, Danny joined Cadillac Voodoo Choir on keys, vocals, guitar, percussion, harmonica, and trombone. They built up a modest national following headlining and opening for hundreds of national and international artists.

In 2005, he started Ameritrash with ex-CVC drummer and friend, Taxi Haskell and David Beeson on guitar. They began writing and performing new material and Ameritrash released “Broken” in 2007. That same year Ameritrash was featured on the first track of a 2 CD compilation called “Sensory Lullabies: The Ultimate Tribute To Jellyfish.” The compilation did well and was nominated for a grammy.

Danny moved back to Austin in 2012 to focus on writing and recording. He is available for producing, engineering, and mixing at studio 610 or on-location in Austin and the surrounding areas.



Joe seems to be in a perpetually good mood. Tell him your name and he’ll remember it.

There are probably many reasons that you’ll find drums in most piano bars and most dueling piano bars in this country today. One of them might be that in the late 90’s, Joe Resnick brought his drums into the Howl At The Moon dueling piano bar in San Antonio, and soon after, into the Ivory Cat in Austin. That was the start of his ten year run at the Cat, and he’s been performing the piano and drum show with various talented piano players ever since.

Joe is the son of an accomplished violin player in the Detroit Symphony Orchestra who appears on all Motown tracks with strings. Joe also played percussion in the DSO for ten years. He later was a member of Letter O, which had two recording contracts in Detroit before he moved to Austin, TX.

Even though he plays regularly with three different bands, it’s the piano bar show that keeps him on his toes. Joe say the piano players are the ones who present the biggest challenge with their ever changing repertoire.